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Yoga Student and Reiki Client Experiences

In this space I have asked my students, and clients to express freely, of their individual experiences within shared space.

"I started yoga because I wanted to gain core strength, flexibility, and add a bit of low-impact exercise to my routine.  I started last August, and had no experience in yoga previously.  In the past 10 months we have tailored the sessions to suit my particular tastes.  Now, my favorite aspect is the meditation at the beginning of the session, followed by the sense of calm and mindfulness once the sequences are completed.  The pace of the sessions suits me perfectly.  One-on-one sessions are great because I can detail exactly how I want the session to go, or what I want the result to be.  From a physical standpoint, I’ve already started incorporating better alignment and posture into my daily routine.  Spiritually is still a struggle, but the meditation helps to calm the nerves and clear the mind. 

Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience. When I started I wasn’t sure how committed I would remain, but it’s been almost a year and I’m thoroughly enjoying it still." 

6 June 2017

- John

"Ella is lively, motivated, and a thorough yoga teacher, who provides us with one-on-one tuition. 

She has a calm, personal, and professional manner that ensures we get the maximum benefit for each of our sessions.  She is able to quickly assess our individual abilities, and tailor the lesson to enable the correct balance of practicing known poses, and the introduction of new.  This enables a stead development of our yoga without becoming overly complex or unachievable.  She is always smiling, helpful, and closes each session with a single tone of AUM, which is very special."  

22 January 2018

- Loraine

"I had always been shy and insecure about my physical abilities, especially when I was starting out in yoga. But when I took a class with Ella for the first time, I discovered that yoga is much more than a series of movements.

Ella made me feel safe and confident during each class, and is very observant about my growth too!

She is a wonderful teacher and friend, and her energy is always inviting and encouraging. She makes every class feel like a new experience, and always teaches us the deeper meaning of yoga. If you ever have the chance to try a class with her, go for it!"

23 January 2019

- Ayesha AH

“When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I was so lucky to find a great studio and to meet Ella who helped me continue my fairly new yoga journey.  She has been an unfailingly kind and patient teacher and consistently, I have felt better at the end of her practice than at the beginning!  Ella has also taught me the delights of Swing Yoga for which I shall always be grateful.   She makes it challenging and fun in equal measure.  No matter whether she is taking a yoga practice for just me or for ten ladies, I  feel the only one in the room and that all the poses she has planned have just my aches and tight muscles in mind!  Thanks so much, Ella.”

19 February 2019

- Karen M

"Ella is an inspirational yoga teacher who breathes life into her classes with her positive energy, experience, and authenticity.  Her breath of knowledge of various yoga styles is impressive, and I have loved all her classes ranging from a relaxing restorative yoga session to the active intermediate vinyasa flow. She also draws attention to the mind-body connection through focused breath work, making her class a meditative transformative experience.

Thank you Ella, I have learned much from you!"

25 February 2019

- Saoussan

“I deeply appreciate the manner in which Ella designs her classes. For me each class with Ella whether swing,  hatha, restorative or yin yoga ; is a form of Yoga poetry.  She begins class by drawing right attention inward and set intention.  She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  I love how she holds the space to freely get in touch with my body so I can experiment and adjust.  Ella encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures.  After, I leave her classes, I feel Physically replenished and spiritually cleansed, as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer.  Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. 

Thank you dear old soul Ella”
25 February 2019

- Ghada

"I consider myself lucky to start yoga with Ella. Every class she welcomes me with her beautiful smile and soul.  She takes the class to a whole new level of calmness and relaxation.  We dive into the poses without realizing the time.  That is why I always recommend her my new yogi friends.

What I like about yoga is that you can see and measure the improvement over time.  I am capable to do some postures that were impossible to do before.Yoga added a lot to me.  I learned how to concentrate on breath, let go, and relax. Through almost one year of yoga I have built strength in muscles, increased flexibility, and toned my body, and much more. 

Thanks a lot Ella, please keep shining and smiling." 

2 March 2019

- Amna AS

"In this crazy fast-paced world that we live in, it can be so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. Often times I find myself going through the motions without really connecting to the very actions that I am performing.

Ella’s classes are that absolutely vital and connective breath my body so desperately needs to get back to my more grounded and spiritual self. I have truly gained a life-long friend and can’t wait to see where

her beautiful light shines next."

28 April 2019

- Michelle

"Ella is an amazing instructor. I took her swing classes and they were beautiful. I never expected a swing class to have so much flow and restorative qualities until I took Ella's. You can tell she loves what she does and aims to give the students confidence and insight to their practice."

29 April 2019

- Larissa

"I love going to Ella's yoga classes because she is definitely an expert and knows her practice. Ella makes it all seem so easy and brings you into a space of pure joy and bliss. I especially love her Swing Yoga classes.

As an energy practitioner myself, I am able to pick up on energy very easily, and Ella is able emanate her light in a way that is super healing and empowering. I feel very at ease and super energized in her classes! It is very obvious that Ella goes the extra mile to make her classes extra special and her Reiki flow is very strong and super awesome!

Thank you Ella"

1 May 2019

- Lara

“I attended Ella’s Yin and Hatha classes during her time in Abu Dhabi and those classes were pure magic. I always felt liked I’d escaped to India or Bali when in Ella’s presence. Her teachings are fluid and flow seamlessly.

Ella’s voice was relaxing and soothing. Her cues were focused meaning I didn’t have to watch the whole time allowing me to turn inwards. Ella is a confident, calming and approachable teacher. We miss you!”
2 July 2019

- Nicola F

"Ella is a kind and gentle soul with a wealth of expertise that makes her an exceptional instructor. She inspires confidence and encourages development in your practice. Her classes are challenging and relaxing by turn,

and I am always glad to hear her musical voice leading the way."

22 March 2020

- Jared M

"Ella's yoga guidance makes me feel both graceful and strong. Her sequences are always exactly what my mind and body needs, like a divine connection is at work. She guides with ques so easy to follow, that I can flow with my eyes closed, and focus on my breathing. Ella has a deep understanding of yoga and meditation, and she is eager to share her knowledge with others. She is always mindful, and she radiates tender kindness. Her voice is soothing and gentle, perfect for journeying inward, I always look forward to a practice led by Ella!"

25 March 2020

- Morgan M

I would like to thank each of my clients for sharing their experience with me, so openly.  I am beyond Grateful to have been able to share presence, create space, guide, and learn from each of you.  Continue spreading the joy, and shining your light. 

Love and Light always, Ella

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