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Dedication- LIVE out your thoughts, hopes, & dreams

These images... by the talented Madeline Ell (friend & inspiring artist), are just a small snippet of a little project I asked her to manifest with me, bringing what is in my mind to the physical world, with her artistic skills, and thoughtful vision. I cannot wait to share with you.

‘I LIVE out my thoughts, hopes, and dreams.’ Magical, Beautiful, and Wishful right?!

Most definitely, EXCEPT when you have 20+ lives worth of thoughts, hopes, and dreams.

Through this life I have wanted to be many things. ‘When I grow up’... a Singer, Psychologist, Veterinarian, Nurse, Clergy, Police Officer, FBI, Writer, Business owner, and of course a Mum... and hey, a part of me STILL revisits each lifeline on occasion.

Since I started Yoga, the vision has been clarified as to who I am meant to be, and what I am meant to do in THIS life, as Ella-Dabney Carrow.

In school I sang, danced, played sports, was apart of social/volunteer clubs. I loved doing all of these things, in the moment(s) they were in my life.

Yet, from 23 years of Life, my Yoga practice (just under 4 years) has been the element I am most dedicated to, the existence I have not stepped away from since the moment I attended my very first Yoga class.

I have always felt inspired, at home, passionate, creative, motivated, and CONNECTED from practicing Yoga. Gliding through each moment with the understanding that there is ALWAYS something more to learn, and I am excited to learn more each and every day.

One thing I know for sure, is Yoga will always be apart of my life, whether my individual practice, being guided by others, or guiding others. Yoga is constant, a Life line, offering more clarity each and every day.

Thank you to all of those I get to learn from and share with, in every moment, I am so freakinggggg Grateful.

Much Love and High Vibes

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