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Mandala ❁

❁ Mandala — translates to ‘circle’ representing wholeness. A circle also denotes Balance and Eternity, as the distance from its center to all points of it remains the same from wherever it is measured.

This symbol has also been apart of a few religions, including: Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism, offering similar yet slightly altered meanings for each.

In Nature, it is seen through many existences and shapes of celestial bodies, such as the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.

This piece is the first of a few Mandalas I plan to place on my vessel.... (sorry mum and dad). While I see Mandalas as aesthetically Beautiful and pleasing to the eye, for myself, this design offers deep spiritual understanding. Thank you to Piper Natalia (tattoo artist) for capturing so authentically.

Growing up I was raised through Christianity, as I reached the age of 19, my Yoga practice/philosophy brought me into the exploration or Hinduism and Buddhism, which expanded myself to the belief I live through today. I consider myself as a spiritual being, not necessarily confined or set in the belief of solely one religious practice.

I personally believe that every Religion or ‘belief system’ is significant, while each offering a different philosophy and historical background, I see them as all man ‘shared’. Meaning they were all shared by supposed, insightful, enlightened, or deeply connected human(s). I also believe that at the heart of every religion is the same intention, ‘do good, be good, and have faith.’ This is a Beautiful root to stem from.

The idea that religion is ‘man shared’ brings me to the thought that... there is so much we do not know, so much beyond human comprehension, beyond language or words (also created by the human mind), and I feel the unknown, while to many is absolutely terrifying, it is also quite beautiful, and exciting.

I believe in free will, and that we have the choice to allow religion to divide us or unite us. I choose to allow all forms of lifestyle and beliefs to unite us, on the basis of Love... ‘do good, be good, and have faith.’ Be Kind to your fellow humans. Live through pure thought and Intention, learn from others as much as you learn from yourself, share with one another, discuss your experiences, your beliefs, to further educate, expand, and intimately UNITE us as One.

Belief is a conversation to be had, knowledge is limitless, and connection with our fellow humans is a blessing. Ultimately, your Spiritual journey, or non spiritual journey, is your decision, and how you choose to connect is individual to each of us, but I encourage you to try to be open, you may be surprised how similar we are when you get to the root. These conversations shouldn’t be taboo or ‘political’, they also shouldn’t be forced or pushed. Let them flow, through Presence and Connection.

Much Love,


( Heather Bonker Photography )

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