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Condition, Division, and Unification

1 February 2017

What divides us as Human Beings are labels- the labels that we have been TOLD and conditioned to, and because of this continuous cycle of conditions throughout history, we then allow these labels to be the truth we "know", and ultimately the truth we choose to live by.

I understand your hesitation to mentally release yourself from these conditions, because the moment you do you may begin to question your own identity in itself. You are comfortable with what you have been told is truth- it is all you feel you know and understand. Plus, your own cringing fear of persecution by society often cages your voice and your thoughts.

We are human beings beyond these labels of gender, age, race, sexual identity and orientation, these labels of status, religion, state, and country. We choose to trust in this supposed 'truth' because the sources are from those of great intellect, such as: scientists, doctors, teachers, philosophers, and clergy; or people in governing power and superiority, so of course it is true, right?

We are beyond these labels because we are beings beyond this physical existence, beyond this human form, and yet we continuously choose to get so caught up in this role, in this play of life. The moment we choose to be Present and step out of our role.... to become the audience and solely observe, only then may we recognize the dramatics and how easily it can be simplified.

So I challenge you- to question, step out of your role, and observe. I am not saying what is right or what is wrong, and what is true or what is false, I am solely sharing my thoughts and observations and ultimately saying LIVE....Love, Laugh, Dance, Play, and Enjoy!!

You can consciously and presently live your Truth in this life, even through these labels in society, by KNOWING that that is all they are, and that each of you are beyond these verbal cues of humanity. You can happily, peacefully, and lovingly live your Truth through all of the conditions in this physical human form the moment you surrender to a truth beyond.

Be kind, loving, and compassionate to all, because we each struggle in our roles as human beings in this play of life.

Love and Light

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