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Mother Nature

25 January 2017

Mother Nature... She is grounding, she is flowing, she is fierce, she is breath, she is constant and yet ever changing, she is DIVINE.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether: the elements of life, the forces of nature... the FREEDOMS of nature, powerful and pure.

When humanity chooses to sing in harmony with Mother Nature, she blesses us with her glorious melody. 'Sing your song and I shall sing along.'

Her Earth; providing stability and grounding of our physical bodies, further feeding and nourishing us through her roots. Her Fire; softly kissing warmth and light through the cold and darkness. Her Air; inhaled through each breath we share, providing Prana and circulation of sound. Her Ether; the empty space surrounding each of our bodies, and essentially connecting us as ONE; painting waves of light, of color, of sight. Her Water; residing within us all, gracefully dancing through more than half of our physical bodies, and renewing us through each thirst.

We are formed in our own mother's womb surrounded by water-an essential element in gifting us LIFE here on this Earth, in this human form, breathing this Air, in this Space, at this MOMENT!!! *pause* Ahhhh WOW

If I choose to fight for anything in this life, I choose to fight for Nature, because by choosing to fight for Nature, I am choosing to fight for not only human life, but for every single life force on this Planet, and within this Universe. Within each moment I am here on this Earth, I am here because of her, and through each awakening in this life, our songs become one.

So, in this humane life, I surrender to you, my Goddess- to your beauty, to your grace, to your dance, to your song, and to your INTUITION... ...Mother Nature.

Love, Light, and Solidarity to The Peaceful Warriors of Standing Rock

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