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New Year Intentions

12 January 2017

My Intentions for 2017 Breathe and Surrender to the Presence of Peace.

What it is to Breathe is to be Present. What it is to Breathe is to be intuitive... to Express Freely... to be Love... to be Light... to Share Openly... and to Surrender... with the encouraging Understanding that 'We are ALL One'.

The only entity that separates me from you or any other living being, is Space... that Space is made up of Air-the element of Breath... As we share that Air, we share each Breath and there is ultimately no separation.

Once we come to recognize that our Breath is connected to all, and we choose to be Present with one another, we are choosing to connect... and to be ONE. With such a magical Connection... we are all Surrendering to the Presence of Peace.

So...Breath, Live, Love, Connect, and Light up this life as the Sun lights up the day and the Moon lights up the night.

Love and Light Infinite beings

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