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Surrender To Truth

7 October 2016

Surrendering to myself.... my TRUE Self, has presented infinite blessings from the Universe. Yes, infinite!

Beginning with Freedom of the Mind>> When you honestly recognize societal views toward the labels of duality (good/bad, yes/no, love/hate), you may then start to find yourself looking 'through' these views, instead of stopping at them.

As human beings we often view situations and decisions in 2's- notice, we have 2 physical eyes. The moment you perceive without judgment, expectation, and EGO, is the moment you commence connecting to your 3rd eye... or Ajna, unseen in the physical world, but deeply felt in Spirit.

When you accept to observe every moment, and every action with the mindset of no judgment or expectation, the universe will present you with great joy through TRUTH. Anyone and Everyone is capable of this truth, it is within. Once you have experienced such a bold, beautiful Truth, live it, love it, and share it.... through your PRESENCE.

Live Your Truth my loves and may endless blessings flow…

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