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Love is Undefined

3 September 2016

"LOVE.. ..Love is all you need." -The Beatles.

What is love to you? There are vast definitions, but in conclusion, all embodying similar beauty. Love is a word I use often, and always in truth....what can I say?! I love so much, and so many. I use this word as often as I do because the love I share is free, open, unconditional, undefined, and limitless! The Love I share is an outward reflection of what is WITHIN my being.

If your being is in a constant flow of love, happiness, joy, peace, and celebration you cannot help but to express it outward. What my love does not harbor is...possession, expectation, condition, definition, and limitation. If someone wants to share his/her love and happiness with me, beautiful, I will embrace them with open arms...if they do not, also beautiful, because it does not define my love!

So ask yourself- in ANY relationship: a family member, a friend, or a beloved partner- do you possess, expect, limit, define, or hold? Or do you surrender to the Love from within, and reflect it outward, ultimately creating an endless flow of Universal Love!

The moment we put a firm definition on the Love we share, is the moment it becomes limited. Love is a FEELING, can you truly put words to that?

So my friends bring your awareness to your beautifully, undefined Love, and through that awareness, the Universe's blessings will OVERflow freely. Shanti shanti shanti

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