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Be Your Inner Child

29 August 2016

Why I LOVE being an Early Years Teacher.... because their presence alone teaches me more than I could ever teach them.

Have you ever observed a child? Observed; I do not mean a glance out of the corner of your eye, I mean watched-like you would a play or a movie. How beautifully they play alone or with other children, and enjoy every moment.... MOMENT; that is just it, they are not thinking of the past or the future, and they are without a single worry! They are living in the moment, living in their presence.

One moment they are playing with one child, and the next moment with another, without any explanation to one another as they share from one child to the next, without any 'expectation' from one another to stay or to go. JUST ENJOYING, laughing, loving, sharing.

Now have you observed yourself, or any "grown up" person? Have you ever made plans with someone, but the day of the plan you are just not up for it? Or vice-versa. Then, more often than not, you will go anyway, because you feel that is what the other person is expecting of you, and that they will be upset if you do not.

Why? Why do we do this to one another, but ESPECIALLY to ourselves? If you are constantly living with expectations... you are also living with disappointments.

I am not saying do not make plans to enjoy the presence of the beautiful people in your life! I am only expressing that if plans change or get cancelled do not fuss or worry, just enjoy... every moment. Don't bother too much on the past or the future, be Here. Now. Present. In your presence.

We are too conditioned as we age to this idea of expectation, while children are the purest form of life, and do not carry those expectations. Learn from them, they are the teachers!

We each carry a child essence in us, because it was... IS, our purest form: untainted, UN-tethered, and UNCONDITIONED.

Be with yourself always, be mindful, be observant, and be aware... YOU ARE DIVINITY ITSELF.

Never stop Laughing, Loving, and Sharing because that is Life, so ENJOY... every.single.moment. Namasté

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