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"Unity of Mind. Body..."

10 April 2017

part 1

I live an incredibly blessed life and I am beyond grateful for every bit of it; so when I have the opportunity to share even a tiny seed of inspiration or personal insight to others, whether it is a kind word, a simple action, or solely a silent energetic exchange, you better believe I will seize each opportunity.

I am constantly praising Yoga for the transformation in my life, and for whom I am today, or more so.... gifting me with the insight to who I have always been.

So what is Yoga? 'Yoga is UNITY... of Mind, Body, and Spirit.'

Yes, I know. You have probably heard that once...twice...too many times to count, but have you truly taken a moment to relate it to yourself?

Now listen, or better yet, FEEL, within your own being what this phrase entails.

‘Mind’: Our minds are POWERFUL, more than one can even fathom; and no matter how often we attempt to control it, it seems to be uncontrollable, and guess what, that is OKAY! As human beings we want to be in constant control of a vast majority of things, especially our own thoughts; but the next time you are fighting so very hard to stop thinking about something, be aware of how reoccurring it becomes (because you are thinking about NOT thinking about it, you ARE thinking about it).

I phrased, 'we want', instead of 'we need' because it is true, we want control, and we want superiority, even over something that is apart of us! We do not need it. I am not recommending that you allow your mind to control you, nor am I recommending for you to try and control your mind. It is all about BALANCE.

The moment you APPRECIATE how powerful your mind is, the moment you see that your mind IS the Universe (capable of manifesting absolutely everything in your path), and you choose to stop fighting this unwinnable war and surrender; that is the moment the battle field clears, and the mind is at ease... becomes One, in its purest form, in YOUR purest form.

Will it happen once and last forever?

Not necessarily, and that is why it is a constant conscious practice of MINDFULNESS- being present and aware of anything and everything. The moment you are conscious, you are present, you are connected; and that is Meditation itself.

‘Body’: “Each Unique. Each Divine.” I say this now, and I truly mean it, but my relationship with my own body has not always been so harmonious. The way I viewed my body in the past was through judgment and criticism, with very little love. Society is overrun by industries defining what beauty is or is not. We are given illustrations of what is, “too fat, too thin, too hairy, too hairless, too muscular, too scrawny, too short, too tall…” and so on. Then, more often than not we begin to listen to, and believe in these absurd, generalized, interpretations. Notice, all of these annotations we are shown or told are based on the outer physical layering, 'what meets the eye’, and our bodies are made up of much more than that. So stop viewing and start listening…

to your body’s glorious, unending symphony.

Listen to the sound of your heart beating after dancing beneath the moonlight, feeling the pulse of ruby sambaing through your veins.

Listen to the sound of your stomach growl just before mealtime, and just after.

Feel the light butterflies in your stomach when you are with someone you love.

Listen to the sound of the air as you exhale; feel your chest, lungs, rib-cage, and belly rise as you inhale.

These sounds, and these feelings, are our body’s communicating with us, day and night. Your body never takes an intermission; it never stops playing its glorious symphony for you. Nurture, feel, and listen to your body; be harmonious, and always grateful for every single instrument residing within; because our bodies gift us the song of life, and we mustn’t miss a single note. That is Beauty. You are Beauty.

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