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A Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

9 April 2017

Welcome, dear readers, to my mind. The Universe where illusion meets reality and reality meets illusion; however, they are one in the same. Since the age of fifteen writing has been a passion of mine. I often used to struggle with how to verbalize my thoughts aloud, because they were always floating from one cloud to the next. Over the past three years I have consistently come across inspiration of all entities, and writing every opportunity I get, even if it is only a few words or phrases; just enough for me to look back on, and later dive deeper into thought.

Last summer, while traveling in India, I was gifted a book entitled, Yoga, the science of living written by Osho, and wow did it enchant me. The way the book was written intertwined with ones own mind and flow of thoughts, while continuing on topic, yet encouraging flexibility to drift away. It was by far one of the most engaging reads. Osho created a beautiful experience through his writing; he presently connected with you as you were reading.

Once I finished reading the book, I thought to myself, ‘this is it, this is how I want to express. Freely, and flowingly, without worry or expectation, even if it gets a bit scattered. That is where the magic is, that is how the mind works.’ Or is that just I? So here I am, taking a glimpse through the looking glass… I hope you Enjoy.

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