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Brand Ambassador

Supporting, Creating, Sustaining, and Sharing Elevated Lifestyles

Below are causes that I have chosen to promote, and represent, because I strongly believe in the mission of each of them.  Read the small description of each, and Explore more in-depth.  Just under each brand name is a 'PROMO/REP CODE'- Explore and treat yourself, someone else, or even become an Ambassador, and be the Light!!!  xxo Ella


'Creations for a Cause'

"The mission is to connect people to a purpose.  Think Globally, Act Locally... Creations for a Cause seeks to make a global impact on communities at-risk, one community at a time.  We aim to build more resilient communities through collaborative planning and action.  In doing so, we want to alleviate suffering and bring about hope and change to these underserved communities." 
-Creations for A Cause Website

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