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'Shared Expressions'

This Project is a space for Featured Artists to share their Expressions; of their Loves, Passions, Dreams, and Experiences. 

I want you to have the opportunity to Observe a diversity of Perspectives and Interpretations.  By doing this we become more Unified, Aware, and are gifted with a greater sense of Understanding, and Appreciation of One another. 

Do not judge the art, or the journey of another, just observe, and admire, that they have the courage to share openly with you. 

When we choose to observe ourselves, and others with no judgment or expectation, we are connected, and when we are connected, we are ONE. 

Please get in touch, and Enjoy!

Featured Artists

Art in its many forms: Photography, Videography, Sketching, Painting, Poetry, and Experiences.

The pieces displayed, were graciously shared by a variety of artists, raised and residing Internationally.  Although, each piece is individually expressed, they radiate a familiar love and passion for Art.  I hope you Enjoy and Receive gratefully.  Love and Light.


Artist: Britt Christensen

"My name is Britt Christensen, I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa.  I have been painting since high school... so 13 years or so... I painted this piece in 2009, as my first larger painting.   This piece was my first real expressive piece, and I just painted what I felt, instead of what I saw. I had a lot of fun doing it.  It just makes me happy." 
5 June 2017


Artist: Ben Zion

“My name is Ben Zion, and I am from NYC, USA.  I have been exploring videography for 3 years and 1 week.  This was filmed at the most recent ‘Holi Festival’ in Hampi, India.  After filming for 3 hours that morning everyone was covered with so much paint on their faces, you couldn't define who's who and where they were from... India, Europe, Israel, Asia, etc.  After editing the video I decided to write how I define colors, and people on to emotion, and categorizing us people, because of the places we are born into.  I then looked for the perfect voice, and found the perfect guy in Goa India. Mr, Rahul Sen.” 

Social Media:

Facebook: Ben.Zion

10 June 2017


Artist: Hayden Glass

“I am Hayden Glass, and I am form Dothan, AL, USA.  I have been venturing into video production for about 4 years, but focusing more on film making for the last couple.  This film is important to me, not only because it was my first as a writer and director, but also because of the underlying message at its core.  For this film, I wanted to convey a realistic look at how things almost never work out picture perfect in life, but that the important thing is being able to find some form of joy within every bad situation.  I also liked being able to make her make difficult choices, and show that sometimes our choices aren’t always perfect, but what’s important is that they are what YOU need, no matter how difficult they may be.  Much like the film, life is obviously full of unbelievably tough choices.  Be that as it may, don’t settle for anything in life.  Do what makes you happy, no matter if anyone cheers you on or not.  Don’t take the easy path.  Your life is short, and you deserve to be 100% of what you want.  Oftentimes, when we dig down, the only thing really stopping us is our self.  Entirely too many people waste their lives. Be foolish.  Chase your dreams.  You’ll only regret it if you don’t.” 

Social Media: 


Instagram: hayden_glass

11 June 2017


Artist: Ali Alnajjar

“I am Ali Alnajjar, and I am Emirate/Palestinian.  I have been drawing since I was 14 years old, and photographing since 2013.  I have had this guitar for a long time, and I take it everywhere I go, and I wanted to make it look special, and unique, so I was thinking to draw something, and let who sees the guitar to tell me how he/she feels, so I would hear different opinion from different people.

Whenever I look at it, I feel like it’s my life story because it has a lot of random lines, and different trends and different shapes, it was a stage of me life that I was not settable, and I wanted to show it on the guitar, because it’s always with me, so it means a lot for me, and always reminds me of that stage and makes me appreciate who I am now.”

Social Media:

Facebook: Design For All

16 July 2017


Artist: Whitney Claunch

"My name is Whitney Claunch, and I am from Florence, AL, USA.  I've always loved to create things and be creative, but I became very interested in drawing, painting, pastels and charcoal in the 9th grade.  This piece was done my sophomore year of college and was done using charcoals. This piece can represent many different meanings, but one main one is not letting the fear of others keep you from being you.  A lot of times people hide behind barriers and are afraid of putting themselves out there causing them to miss out on opportunities and happiness.  Always be you and don't hind behind the barrier you put up yourself.  Love yourself and be happy!" 

Social Media: 

Instagram: whitneyclaunch

14 August 2017


Artist: Ali Alhosani

"My name is Ali Alhosani, and I am from Abu Dhabi, UAE.  I've been a visual artist for the past 4 years, and decided to shift in depth with photography and videography the past year.  I met the English finger style guitarist ‘Dave Savage’ in tiny village called Thedinghausen at my friend’s place when I decided to do my Euro-trip in the summer of 2017. It was a sunny clear day, springy breezy day, we peddled with the boat into the calmest lake I’ve ever seen in my life, and I was like” You know what? Let’s record a musical peace” hearing the tweets of the birds, the sound of the wind swaying the leaves of the trees; absolutely peaceful. At that moment, I realized, my life as a cameraman will progress and take off to places I never dreamt to be in. I’m in the process of that right now.  This video motivates me to aspire for more things in life to come. I never knew I would end up making videos and they would turn out as beautiful as I wished with painting. This piece cleared the air for me and dissolved the confusion I was in for couple of years, whether I should stick to drawing and painting or shift into photography and film making." 

Social Media:

Instagram: seldom.images

15 August 2017

I would like to express great Gratitude to all of the incredible artists that allow me to display their work on my page.  I am so thankful to each of you, and I admire your passionate expressions.  Continue sharing your beauty with others; the stories your art tells, and the understandings they create, will forever resonate with many.
Shine Bright, Ella

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