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Ella Evolving

'Through the Looking Glass'



Namasté, my name is Ella, and I invite you to go on a journey with me, through the looking glass…. Unravel your mind from its day-to-day clutter and life-long conditions, and explore its magnificent depths. I aspire to inspire, and be inspired by each and every being.

I believe we are all artists; each of us clasping a smooth wooden brush, with a splash of colour lining the rough tethered bristles; while staring at a blank canvas, into the unknown. The moment we recognize the artistry within ourselves, we create a mindfulness to recognize the artistry within someone else.

So, stop staring at the blank canvas in front of you, and start painting from where you are Here. Now.

Together, we will paint a masterpiece and share it with the Universe, for we are Reflections of one another… through the looking glass.

Love and Light

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